Our raison d'être

Provide institutional investors with sector analysis and preferred access to funds with innovative strategies, attractive returns and managed risks.

Develop customized long term relationships with institutional investors and asset management companies.

Facilitate investor access to numerous innovations in asset management.

Private Debt in all its forms (Corporate, Real Estate, Infrastructure), unlisted Infrastructures, Tech funds, Smart equity (Smart Beta, Active Shareholders,...), Innovative real estate funds.

Fund selection through extensive quantitative analytics linked to clear qualitative analysis

Asset management is both science and art.
Science as methodology and tools to optimize decisions and evaluate risk more effectively.
Art as a decision making which relies importantly on gauging expectations.

Incorporate the costs of asset management and evaluate overall stakeholder interest.

Our approach allows measurement of real opportunities and fair pricing of financial innovations.


Research & Innovation

Research and development is at the heart of what we do. Put to the service of our clients, it facilitates investment decisions.

The sphere of analysis allows us to identify and offer privileged access to the most attractive funds.

Jean-Christophe Marquis has taught asset allocation courses at the University of Paris Dauphine, at Master’s level.

HEDGE RISK (internal development), is an innovative tool for analysing and optimising portfolio allocations.

HEDGE RISK has been labelled by "Finance and Innovation“, Paris Cluster of excellence.


Conatus Finance is exclusively remunerated by management companies. Commissions are deducted from the least loaded share classes available to investors. A list of partnered management companies is available on request.