Our market research

In-depth analysis of the asset classes we advise: analysis and description of the strategy, characteristics, new trends, investment companies overview, fundraising.

Conatus publishes annually updated research on each asset class covered, which enables us to understand the market environment of the GPs we work with and to have a dynamic sourcing system in order to develop new partnerships on a regular basis (2 to 3 new funds per year, of which 1 or 2 foreigners).

With a constant monitoring of market changes, we advise asset managers we work with on new investor expectations (sectors to be avoided or sought after, target geographic area, consideration of ESG criteria and changes in management rules, etc.).

Research available on request: Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure, Tech and Secondary.

The Buy Out strategy in Europe
A marked slowdown in investments and exits is continuing, with a two-speed fundraising, the ability to achieve exits will be crucial this year
Apr 2024
Tech Venture & Growth financing in Europe
A hard but necessary landing after a record year in 2021, a strong medium-term outlook
Jul 2023
European Private Debt
The asset class collected well in a difficult environment, with growth set to continue, default rates and deployment capacity to be monitored in 2024
Feb 2024
Unlisted infrastructure
The asset class suffered from the current challenging environment with an unprecedented drop in fundraising and transactions, Europe and the Energy Transition showed resilience
Sep 2023
The unlisted secondary market
GP-led transactions down sharply, dynamic fundraising with a growing number of players, LP Stakes prevailed driven by a few large transactions
Nov 2023