“Conatus” is a concept from Spinoza’s ethics. The Latin term means “effort”.

For Spinoza, everything that exists makes the effort to persevere in its being.

Our beliefs

Finance holds and runs a large part of the planet's assets, and we have a major responsibility to preserve and improve this world
Finance has often played a pioneering role in ESG, sometimes against all odds, and must continue to lead in the future
We are convinced ESG creates financial value, especially over a long time horizon.
The simple concept of exclusion does not seem relevant ; we must promote the commitment of all in all fields
The path will be difficult, with failures and disappointments, but we are determined to make the necessary efforts

In facts

80% of the funds we market are already Article 8 or 9 and will all be Article 8 or 9 in the short term.

Our priorities

Active in the energy transition since 2015 supporting managers specialists in the sector.